Aminorip® Combo Pack
Aminorip® Combo Pack

Aminorip® Combo Pack

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Aminorip® is a hydrolyzed protein supplement specially formulated to contain all essential and non essential amino acids, making it a complete protein source.


  • 26g of protein and 104 calories per 2.5oz (serving size) - Aminorip® 2go
  • 18g of protein and 72 calories per 1oz (serving size) - Aminorip® 18
  • NO Sugar, NO Fats, NO Carbohydrates, NO Lactose, NO Gluten
  • Strawberry Flavor (2go) / Grape (18)
  • 852g of Protein per pack!

How to Use?

As dietary supplement, adults, take one serving size of Aminorip®, 30 minutes after exercise to provide muscles with the needed amino acids needed to prevent muscle breakdown and help rebuild lean tissue, or as healthy dietary supplement. 

Also recommended:

  • On workout days, take one serving size 30 minutes before exercising
  • On off days, take one serving size in the evening to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and keep your body at peak performance levels.